Thursday, October 25, 2012

Letters from the Front - Nathaniel Caverly Jr.

Saturday, October 25, 1862

Nathaniel Caverly Jr. wrote his first letter home to his father from Camp Chase, letting him know that he was well and that he enjoyed camp life. Nathaniel mentioned that he had suffered from dysentary but was fighting the ill effects by eating vegetables. He asked his father to send him a lead pencil and pencil holder to write letters, as the steel pen he had did not work. Nathaniel asked for all the news from home, stating "I want you to write me if it rains there write if it is cold there and if it is fair write how you are getting along with your harvesting how your crops are coming in and what you are going to sell and keep this winter and so forth."1

1Alan C. Phillips, Soldiers in My Family: Caverlys and Murrays 1754-1865. (DePere, Wisconsin: A.C. Phillips, 1993.), 77-79.

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