Friday, May 17, 2013

Funeral of Captain Lewis Buzzell in Barrington

Sunday, May 17, 1863

Nearly one-thousand people attended the funeral of Captain Lewis Buzzell at 2:00 P.M. in Barrington, New Hampshire. Freewill Baptist Minister Enoch Hayes Place officiated at the funeral and recorded the sad event in his journal:
The procession led by the Strafford Guards was nearly one mile in extent. He was interred in his father’s cemetery, and three volleys discharged by the guards over the grave ... [Captain Buzzell's sword] lay on his coffin, with his bible and hymn book, coffin plate, and two miniatures of the deceased. The coffin was shrouded in a flag of the glorious Union. 1

1William E. Wentworth, Journals of Enoch Hayes Place, 2 vols. (Boston, Massachusetts: New England Historic and Genealogical Society and New Hampshire Society of Genealogists, 1998), 2:1615.

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