Monday, June 3, 2013

Nathaniel's Story - Family Seeks Spiritual Comfort

Wednesday, June 3,1863

Nathaniel Caverly's family in Barrington, grieving deeply over his loss, sought comfort from the family's minister, Reverend Enoch Hayes Place. He recorded the meeting with the Caverly family in his journal:
Visited by request at the house of Brother Nicholas Caverly, in Barrington, whose grandson Nathaniel Caverly, a beautiful youth of some over 17 years, fell at the battle of Chancellorsville, with the Captain Lewis H. Buzzell before named. No historian can ever delineate the horrors of this bloody war.
Reverend Place was mistaken in his belief that Nathaniel was killed at Chancellorsville. Nathaniel was killed at the Battle of Providence Church Road in Suffolk. The date of his wounding, May 3, coincided with the Battle of Chancellorsville.1

1William E. Wentworth, Journals of Enoch Hayes Place, 2 vols. (Boston, Massachusetts: New England Historic and Genealogical Society and New Hampshire Society of Genealogists, 1998), 2:1617.

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